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Registration Fees for Foreign Researchers

Title Cost in US$
Normal registration fee of foreign researchers 500.00
Penalty for late renewal of registration 500.00/month and part thereof
Application for extension of the study 500.00
Amendment fee 500.00
Shipment of Biospecimens (Zimbabwean Students) 150.00
Expedited Review 1000.00 (plus normal registration fees)

  • It should be noted that the penalty fee for late renewal of registration is a deterrent to non-compliance with registration requirements for foreign researchers.
  • Note that expedited review does not in any way guarantee approval. The same rigorous approval process will be followed, albeit expeditiously, after having submitted justifiable seasons and payment of the expedited fees.

Foreign Researchers wishing to conduct research in Zimbabwe are hereby reminded that acceptable payment for research registration application fee of United States Dollars $500.00 shall be by either telegraphic transfer or US dollar cash deposit into the RCZ Foreign Currency Bank Account as shown below:

Bank: Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe (CBZ)

Account Name: Research Council of Zimbabwe

Branch: Kwame Nkrumah

Currency Account: USD

Account No: 011 200 1674 0067


Branch sort Code: 6119