The RCZ, in its endeavour to promote research, produces a number of publications which inform on developments within Zimbabwe and beyond its borders.

1. Zimbabwe Research Index (annually).

This publication lists all research projects undertaken within Zimbabwe. It provides information for collaboration, fosters the exchange of information and facilitates improved communication among researcher.

  • Guidelines for writing abstracts for the Zimbabwe Research Index 2014-2015
  • Zimbabwe Research Index 2012-2013
  • Zimbabwe Research Index 2008-9

2. Directory of Research Institutes and Professional Associations (triennially).

  • The directory gives profiles of all public and private research organisations and professional associations in Zimbabwe.

3. Proceedings of Symposia (biennially).

  • 11th ZIRS Book of Paper Presented
  • 10th ZIRS Book of Paper Presented
  • 9th Zimbabwe International Research Symposium Book of Proceedings
  • 8th Science and Technology Symposium Book Proceedings
  • 7th Science and Technology Symposium Book Proceedings

4. Research Stakeholder Workshop Report 2015

5. RCZ Newsletters

6. RCZ Annual Reports