1       Background

The Research Council of Zimbabwe (RCZ) in collaboration with Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) invites research proposals aimed at addressing issues on Renewable Energy Integration, Electricity Reliability and Energy Efficiency. The proposals will highlight how to integrate renewable energy into existing systems, improve reliability in the generation, transmission, distribution and supply of electricity, investigate and elicit energy efficiency capacity in Zimbabwe while developing expertise in the research area.

2       Objectives of the Call

This Call is aimed at supporting research that contributes to:

  1. Producing knowledge on practical and realistic results that are domestically and industrially implementable with potential for commercialization in the area of Renewable Energy Integration.
  2. Improving Electricity Reliability in the country.
  3. Providing technologies to improve and measure Energy Efficiency.
  4. Supporting human resources development in the area of energy for sustainability.

3       Research Areas

Proposals should address issues in energy as espoused in key thematic areas of the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation, National Energy Policy, The Ten Point Plan and the National Research Priorities. Proposals may cover the following but not limited to the under-listed:

  1. Renewable Energy Integration into Existing Systems
    1. Greater and better integration of renewable energies into the national electricity grid.
    2. Utilization of Solar thermal heating as an alternative to electricity for producing heat required for industrial purposes.
    3. Renewable energy storage for solar, wind and biogas.
    4. Sustainable renewable energy application in agriculture and industry.
    5. Energy initiative projects targeting smaller communities and specific industries with potential for contribution to the national grid.
    6. Micro grid integration of renewable energy and storage technologies
  2. Electricity Reliability
    1. Addressing the deficit in supply of electrical power in Zimbabwe
    2. Transmission and distribution networks Reliability
    3. Stability of electrical power grids
    4. Implementation of complex modern power networks
    5. Effect of Zimbabwe’s climatic condition on electricity reliability
    6. Reducing electricity leakages through the application of software and hardware on the National, Regional and Community grids to improve reliability
  3. Development and promotion of energy efficiency:
    1. Energy efficiency at both utility and consumer levels.
    2. Energy efficient technology for homes, industry, commerce and agriculture.
    3. Industrial systems efficiency improvement.
    4. Domestic energy management systems.

4       Eligibility

  1. Funding is open, on a competitive basis, to Zimbabwean researchers who at local Academic institutions, Research institutions or Government Research departments.
  2. Researchers from the Private Sector and Non-profit organizations affiliated to a Zimbabwean approved public institute are also encouraged to apply.
  3. Consortia of the above, with one institution as lead applicant assuming responsibility and accountability can also apply and may have a competitive advantage.
  4. Eligible research projects must focus on Renewable Energy Integration, Electricity Reliability and Energy Efficiency.
  5. Each proposal must have at least one Zimbabwean Student working towards attaining a Masters or Doctoral Degree in the area of Renewable Energy.
  6. Female researchers are encouraged to apply.

5       Budget Limitation

Funding is provided to the level indicated in the proposal budget subject to clear and justified value for money in research formulation, project execution and research outputs.

6       Processing of Proposals

  1. The evaluation and selection of proposals will comprise verification of the proposal eligibility.
  2. Confidential peer review of the proposals by experts.
  3. Short listing of reviewed research proposals.
  4. Communicating results and funding decisions to applicants by 31 March 2018.
  5. RCZ and ZERA decision will be final.

7       Submission

  1. All documents (application form, full research proposal, annexes, etc.) have to be submitted as PDF and Ms Word files to rccc@rcz.ac.zw and copied to research@zera.co.zw with subject “Renewable Energy Integration, Electricity Reliability and Energy Efficiency”.
  2. Approval from the host institution of affiliation is a prerequisite. Proposals without institutional approval will not be considered.

8       Submission Deadline

The deadline for submission of applications is 15 January 2018 by 1000hrs.

 9       Contact Information

For any queries or additional information, contact RCZ: Tel. 263-4-304733, 304787 cell 0712 954 330/2

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