The Research Council of Zimbabwe (RCZ) is a statutory body established in terms of the Research Act: [Chapter 10:22]. It is mandated to promote, direct, supervise and co-ordinate research. In a bid to achieve this mandate, RCZ organised a Research Stakeholders, Workshop on 25 September 2015 at Cresta Lodge, Harare. RCZ convened the Research Stakeholders’ Workshop to deliberate on how research should contribute towards the successful implementation of ZIMASSET in the process shaping the National Research Agenda. The specific objectives of the Workshop were:

  1. To characterise research as a key success factor for the implementation of ZIMASSET.
  2. To map prospects for research collaboration among Zimbabweans and the global community.
  3. To foster unity of purpose among researchers and research regulators.
  4. To identify ways of establishing linkages between researchers, funders and users of research results.

Invitations were made to all Government Ministries, parastatals, research institutions, universities and private sector players. A total of one hundred and thirty three (133) participants attended the workshop against a target of one hundred and twenty (120). Participants to the Workshop were representative of all research stakeholders in the country as they comprised Government officials, research regulators, academia, research institutions, universities, industry, funders of research, farmer organisations, small to medium enterprises (SMEs), researchers and individuals.