Item Cost in US$
Normal registration fee of foreign researchers 500.00
Penalty for late renewal of registration 500.00/month and part thereof
Application for extension of the study 500.00
Amendment fee 500.00
  •  Foreign Researcher registration cannot be expedited
  •  It should be noted that the penalty fee for late renewal of registration is a deterrent for non- compliance with registration requirements for foreign researchers.

Foreign Researchers wishing to conduct research in Zimbabwe are hereby reminded that acceptable payment for research registration application fee of United States Dollars $500.00 shall be by either telegraphic transfer or US dollar cash deposit into the RCZ Foreign Currency Bank Account as shown below:

Account Name: Research Council of Zimbabwe

Bank: BancABC

Branch: Mt Pleasant

Currency Account: NOSTRO USD

Account Number: 47853196633021

Swift Code: FMBZZWHX