The Research Council of Zimbabwe (RCZ) is a statutory body created in terms of the Research Act [Chapter 10:22] to promote, direct, supervise and co-ordinate research in Zimbabwe. The Act behoves RCZ to specifically coordinate research activities in the national interest and development of Zimbabwe. In that regard, your organisation is requested to submit information on research and research activities being undertaken.

In an effort to deliver on the RCZ coordinating function, RCZ is empowered by Section 16 (2) of the Act to control research conducted by bodies or persons in terms of any Act. Therefore, the request is a way of mapping and curating research effort in Zimbabwe. In that way, research activities are better coordinated leading to the optimum utilisation of research results. This will enable RCZ to bring into resonance research being undertaken in Zimbabwe with national research and development imperatives. Research conducted in partial fulfilment of academic purposes is to be excluded.

Kindly note that the development of the current research map is a time sensitive process for which the obligations of RCZ should be completed and the requested information submitted by 31 March 2022. Attached hitherto is the template for your completion DOWNLOAD HERE.

After completion of the form please email the document on one of the email below.

For enquiries please contact the technical team on the following numbers and email, 0772447956, 0783276049, 0773715610 and, and