As the Agency of State mandated to promote, direct, supervise and coordinate research in Zimbabwe, the Research Council of Zimbabwe is cognisant of the threat of the Coronavirus Disease, (COVID-19),  pandemic to human health and security. As derived from its mandate, RCZ has initiated a three – pronged strategy which will be achieved through:

  1. Offering Scholarships

RCZ has launched a Scholarship Call to promote Human Capital Development. The scholarships are targeted at Masters’ students, (both MPhil and taught Masters). Special consideration will be given to students who will embark on research on COVID-19.


  1. Research Collaboration and Coordination

RCZ is collaborating with research partners at continental level in addressing the challenges posed by COVID 19 through research. RCZ is in the process of setting out modalities with the National Research Foundation of South Africa to provide solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic through multi-disciplinary and collaborative research with other African countries within the Science Granting Councils Initiative.

Funding partners in this initiative include the NRF, Canada’s International Development Research Centre, and Canada’s Fonds de Recherche du Québec (FRQ).


  1. Monitoring the Zimbabwean Response

RCZ has been monitoring the Zimbabwean response to COVID-19, and commends efforts by the Government of Zimbabwe in   containing the COVID-19, and for rallying the entire country towards ‘flattening the curve.” RCZ also commends the support of non-state actors such as the World Health Organisation, the private sector and all well-wishers for the broad spectrum of support towards Zimbabwe’s fight against the COVID-19.


RCZ registers its strong support for, and is itself observing the epidemiologically approved guidelines on preventing the spread of COVID 19. These include – the observance of the lockdown period, wearing of face masks, use of sanitisers, frequent handwashing and good personal hygiene, sanitisation of Office premises, social distancing and others.


We applaud Zimbabweans from all walks of life for heeding the clarion call by our Government on social distancing, handwashing, and practising good personal hygiene and wearing face masks as together, we fight the COVID-19 pandemic.