Air Cdre (Dr.) (Eng.) Edgar Munyarari Kamusoko is a Board member of the Research Council of Zimbabwe (RCZ). He is a senior officer in the Air Force of Zimbabwe currently serving as the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at the Zimbabwe National Defence University.  He is also the Chairman of the Verify Engineering Board of Directors.





Air Cdre (Dr.) (Eng.) Kamusoko has over 36 years of experience in Aeronautical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and Renewable Energy Engineering. He was appointed Commodore in 2019 by His Excellency President E.D. Mnangagwa.


Air Cdre (Dr.) (Eng.) Kamusoko holds a PhD from the University of KwaZulu Natal, an MBA from the University of Zimbabwe, a MA International Studies from the University of Nairobi, a BSc (Hon) Electrical Engineering from the University of Zimbabwe and has just completed a Master of Science degree in Renewable Energy Engineering with the University of Zimbabwe.  He holds, in addition to these, several diplomas and certificates.


The Commodore is a member of the Zimbabwe Institution of Engineers and also Chairs the Verify Engineering Board of Directors.