1. Institutions Established

According to Section 16 (g) (iii) of the Research Act, one of the mandates of RCZ is the establishment of research councils or research institutes to conduct research. Since its inception, RCZ has facilitated establishment of the following institutions:

**Although its establishment was catalysed and facilitated by the RCZ, the ZAS is not established in terms of the Research Act.

2. Twelve Research, Science and Technology Symposia

Symposia are held biennially by the RCZ to bring together researchers, policy makers and industrialists from within and outside Zimbabwe. Local and regional researchers present research results and forge linkages with users of such results.RCZ has successfully held twelve (12) symposia to date

  1. 2019: The Nexus between Research and Industry: Key to Innovation and Sustainable Development.
  2. 2017: Research for Unlocking Entrepreneurship: Bridging the Gap
  3. 2015:Research for Empowerment and Socio-Economic Transformation
  4. 2013: Driving Socio-Econimic Development Through Research Output
  5. 2007: Knowledge Based Development for Zimbabwe
  6. 2004: Impact of Innovative Science and Technology on National Wealth Creation
  7. 1999: A century of Science and Technology Challenges for the Next Millennium
  8. 1996: Towards Capacity Building in Science and Technology
  9. 1994: Advances in Productive and Sustainable Applied Technologies
  10. 1992: Innovation, Self Reliance and Development
  11. 1990: No theme
  12. 1988: No theme

3. 2010: Established the National Research Database of Zimbabwe

4. National Research Prioritisation Process

  • Formulation-October 2010
  • Government approval – October 2011
  • Stakeholder report back – August 2012
  • Linked the NRDZ with repositories of local universities, thereby creating a one-stop shop for research conducted in Zimbabwe.

5. Other Achievements

  • Participation in the Science Granting Council Initiative after submission of  a successful bid in 2015
  • Organised the first International Science Council (ISC)International Science Council (ISC)International Science Council (ISC)Regional Meeting for Africa in 2004
  • Organised the launch of the National Science and Technology Policy in 2002
  • Supported publication of  journals

6.Represented Zimbabwe at International Scientific fora:

  • World Solar Summit 1996, Harare, Zimbabwe
  • International Science Council (ISC) member since 1989
  • World Conference on Science, 1999, Budapest, Hungary
  • United Nations Regional Preparatory Conference for exploration and peaceful uses of outer space
  • Global International Smart Partnership Dialogue
  • African Caribbean and Pacific Group of States Forum on Research and Sustainable Development
  • Third World Network of Scientific Organisations (TWNSO)
  • World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD), 2002, Johannesburg
  • World Summit on Information Society (WSIS), 2003, Geneva