1.  Create an account if you dont have one already: Follow the simple instructions under Create an account on the home page:http://researchdatabase.ac.zw to create a user name and password. If you ever forget your password it can be reset, email researchadmin@rcz.ac.zw
  2. Login to :National Research Database with your user name and password
  3. Select New Publication.
  4. Decide which of the listed publications on the screen best meets your requirements and select on it.
  5. Click on Details: This opens up a window of a series of boxes which need to be completed. By each field there is a “?” which, when clicked on, explains what should be entered into each field; any fields marked * are compulsory fields. Do not enter a full stop at the end of fields and ensure that there are no spaces after the last word or the display of the reference may look somewhat strange. For the Official URL prefer the DOI. Other URLs such as that of the journal or, in the case of a book or conference paper, a website publicising the book or the conference may be entered. URLs pointing to useful information will be particularly attractive when the full text of the item has not been deposited
  6. When these have been filled up, click on Next
  7. For uploading PDF publications: (if including PDF please ensure copyright has not been breached otherwise upload the pre-edited version)
  • Click on Upload
  • Via the Browse link locate your PDF/WORD/RTF file
  • Click on Upload. Your publication has now been uploaded.
  •  Click on Submit publication now.

The publications will be checked by an editor before they are fully entered into the system.

N.B.When using the National Research Database, the server does not allow you to scroll backwards.

If you wish to start an entry and expect to finish it later you can click Save for later and resume when you next log into your account.

The more fields you fill in, the easier and faster it becomes for your entry to be checked and made available to the world.