All researchers and members of RCZ staff are eligible to deposit publications in the research database. Research Council of Zimbabwe staff will assist you to deposit your publications if you are having challenges in doing so.

  • Eligible publications
  • Article from a journal or newspaper
  • Chapter or section in a book
  • Book
  • Conference paper, speeches, posters (if published it is entered as a book article).
  • Monograph (technical report, project report, and workshop paper)
  • Theses
  • Exhibitions
  • Forthcoming publications (only if exact publication details are known)

If you are unsure if your publication is eligible please contact us at

Information to have on hand when submitting publications:

  1. Bibliographic information
  2. Full author and co-author names and exact title information.
  3. Has the item been published, or has it been submitted for publication?
  4. Has the item been ‘refereed’ or not?
  5. For journal articles you will need the exact title of the periodical, publisher and it’s ISSN; pagination, year, volume and issue/part num
  6. For book articles, you will need the title and editors of the book, ISBN, publisher and pagination.
  7. For reports: the institution for which the report was produced.
  8. For conferences: you will need to provide the title of the conference and the exact title of the proceedings if different. (Papers in proceedings if they have been published are treated as articles in books).
  9. For compositions, sound recordings, exhibitions, please include the media of output and event/title and location with dates as appropriate

The more information you supply, the easier it will be for other staff and researchers to locate your work and is of more benefit to anyone else who may be searching the research database.

Format of your document

  • Word document
  • Your own PDF
  • Publisher’s PDF