The RCZ continually organises symposia in order to promote research and provide a platform for the dissemination of research results and networking. Symposia are held biennially by the RCZ to bring together researchers, policy makers, industrialists and users of research results from within and outside Zimbabwe

History of the Zimbabwe International Research Symposium

RCZ has successfully held ten symposia’s to date:

  1. 2015:Research for Empowerment and Socio-Economic Transformation
  2. 2013: Driving Socio-Econimic Development Through Research Output
  3. 2007: Knowledge Based Development for Zimbabwe
  4. 2004: Impact of Innovative Science and Technology on National Wealth Creation
  5. 1999: A century of Science and Technology Challenges for the Next Millennium
  6. 1996: Towards Capacity Building in Science and Technology
  7. 1994: Advances in Productive and Sustainable Applied Technologies
  8. 1992: Innovation, Self Reliance and Development
  9. 1990: No theme
  10. 1988: No theme