Dr. Chido Erica Felicity Matewa is a social scientist, gender and communication for development specialist with more than 25 years’ experience.


She is the co-founder of the Africa Women Filmmakers Trust and the Zimbabwe Sweet Potato Production Association Trust. The latter seeks to positively impact thousands of smallholder farmers by linking them to Global Markets. Dr Matewa is also a co-Director of Fachs Private Limited Company which has interests in the processing and export of fresh fruit and vegetables.  She actively promotes the use of participatory video as a research tool for social transformation and one of her recent works culminated in the production of a Life Skills Guide which aids the use of participatory video action as a learning technique at Primary and Secondary level education in Guidance and Counselling, Heritage and Indigenous Languages studies.  She has also successfully used participatory video action approach as a research tool in tackling health related issues.


Chido Matewa is a holder of a Doctorate (University of Manchester -United Kingdom) as well as Master of Science (Educational Research) and Master in Education (Education and the Mass Media). She was awarded a Bachelor of Arts General Degree from the University of Zimbabwe in 1987. She holds several diplomas and certificates among them, Third level Group Diploma in Marketing from the London Chamber of Commerce,  Diploma in Personnel Management from the Institute of Personnel Management – Zimbabwe, Diploma in Film Production and Directing from Kenya Institute of Mass Communication and several short courses among them, Food Safety Management, Safe use of Pesticides, Integrated Pest Control Management, Good hygiene practices and traceability, Global GAP Modalities and Checklist, Organic Farming and Commercial Negotiation.


Promotion of research that is transformative and uses participatory methodologies that are empowering and elevates communities in being participants in the generation of knowledge which gives a sense of ownership and is critical in research results utilization / adoption which is in line with the aims and objectives of the National Development Strategy 1, Vision 2030 and the Heritage Based Curriculum 5.0.