1. Introduction

The Research Council of Zimbabwe (RCZ) is a statutory body established in terms of the Research Act [Chapter 10.22]. RCZ is mandated to promote, direct, supervise and coordinate research. RCZ adopted the Rapid Results Approach (RRA) to foster smart partnerships, break silos and promote synergies among players in the National Research, Science, Technology and Innovation System (NSTIS).

2. Call

RCZ is calling for an Expression of Interest by Zimbabwean experts/scientists/researchers in the diaspora to participate in Knowledge Generation and Exchange programmes. The Zimbabwean Government acknowledges the huge and untapped potential of Zimbabweans living and working in the Diaspora and is encouraging them to take an active role in the country’s economic development process. Hence, Diaspora  experts/scientists/researchers are invited to participate in skills development in national research institutions at all levels.

3. Context

a. Priority Areas

Interested experts/scientists/researchers are expected to participate in knowledge generation and exchange programmes and/or projects being guided but not limited to the following priority areas:

  1. Post-harvest technologies
  2. Small-scale mining/mineral value addition/bio mining
  3. Clean water alternatives
  4. Cyber security systems
  5. Biogas energy

The priorities selected herein are informed by the National Research Priorities of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

b. Required Skills/ Selection Criteria

The call is open to senior seasoned experts/scientists/researchers and accomplished scientists who have a professorial/doctorial role at their institutions. Possession of expertise in the priority areas is a must.

c. Scope of Activities

Interested Experts/Scientists/Researchers are expected to collaborate with researchers and Institutions identified under the Knowledge Generation and Exchange Programme. Work to be done includes, but not limited to:

  1. Public Lectures
  2. Special Visits
  3. Contact Visits
  4. Academic-Industry Linkages
  5. Community Engagements
  6. Review of Scientific work
  7. Collaborative research work and
  8. Mentorship of upcoming researchers

Applicants should have a particular interest in the priority areas noted above and be able to articulate this in their Expression of Interest.

4. Funding

The Expression of Interest may identify possible funders/sponsors/grants who can be engaged to meet travel, accommodation and other costs.

5. Closing Deadline

This is an open-ended call with no specific closing deadline. Selection of experts is part of the work being done by the Technical Working Group (TWG) on Knowledge Generation under the RRI for the NSTIS. Expressions of Interest will be assessed by the TWG on Knowledge Generation against the following criteria:

  1. Fit to call: Strength of the case made in the Expression of Interest;
  2. Track record: A demonstrated history of excellence appropriate to career stage; and
  3. Development Potential: The potential to add value to knowledge generation in Zimbabwe.

6. Submission

Respondents are requested to submit their Expression of Interest together with their Curriculum Vitae. All submissions should be directed to secretary@rcz.ac.zw

7. Contact Information

For any enquiries or additional information, call the Research Council of Zimbabwe: Tel – 263-4-304733, 304787 or Cell 0712954330/2.