Abstracts are now being accepted for the 12th Zimbabwe International Research Symposium (ZIRS) to be hosted by the Research Council of Zimbabwe (RCZ). The Symposium will be held at the Harare International Conference Centre from 13-15 February 2019. Abstracts can be submitted for either oral or poster presentations. Authors must specify whether they prefer to make oral or poster presentations taking into account that space for poster presentations is limited.

ZIRS is an international event dedicated to showcasing the latest scientific research results, networking and creating smart partnerships. Other benefits include the opportunity to meet face to face with experts from various disciplines and identify new areas of cooperation.

The Symposium is also a platform for identifying gaps and challenges faced by sectors in the development of targeted and evidence-based strategies. Young researchers have the chance to receive mentorship from more seasoned researchers, and early career scientists and researchers may also receive career guidance. Authors benefit from publication of their papers in the ZIRS Book of Papers presented, refereed and edited to international standards and accredited with ISBN and ISSN standard numbers.


  • To provide a platform for nurturing relationships between industry and academia for national socio-economic growth and shaping of the National Research Agenda.
  • To facilitate increased transfer of knowledge from knowledge generators to knowledge users (Industry, entrepreneurs, investors).
  • To bring to the fore research outputs with commercial value.


The main theme for the 12th ZIRS is “The Nexus between Research and Industry: Key to Innovation and Sustainable Development”.


Abstracts are expected to focus on but not limited to the following sub-themes


  • Demystifying Intellectual Property Rights in Zimbabwe
  • Fostering Public-Private Sector Partnerships for sustainable development
  • Innovative strategies to attract Foreign Direct Investment for sustainable development
  • R&D as an investment for unlocking sustainable development
  • Promoting connectedness and flow of funds in the National Science Technology and Innovation System
  • Improving access to Financial Services for Zimbabwe
  • Strengthening Special Economic Zones
  • Curbing foreign currency externalisation and smuggling of goods
  • Strengthening industry-academia linkages through R&D funding
  • Promoting business incubation programmes for sustainable development
  • Enhancing capacity, retooling and recapitalisation of industry through R&D
  • Harmonisation of investment laws and policies
  • Accelerating commercialisation of R&D for industrial growth


  • Transforming Agriculture through increased productivity and food security
  • Value addition to Zimbabwe’s natural resources as the cornerstone for industrial development
  • Searching for R&D solutions to challenges on the availability of water
  • Responding to Climate Change and variability through R&D
  • Understanding and exploiting deep earth resources
  • Developing sustainable energy resources for sustainable development
  • Creating platforms for technology transfer, acquisition, and adoption by industry
  • Mitigating land degradation
  • Rehabilitation and development of public infrastructure
  • Water harvesting technologies